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White McShane to Study at Wake Forest and CMU

Ciara White McShane will attend two summer camp programs:
Ciara will return to the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) Summer Studies Program. Summer Studies is a three-week residential program for high-achieving students in grades seven through ten. Taking place at thirteen college campuses across the country over two different summer sessions, these programs provide social and intellectual stimulus that gifted students need. Ciara qualified for TIP in both Math and Reading by taking the SAT and scoring above the 95th national percentile for her grade-level this past December.
Last summer Ciara chose a literature course - Speculative Fiction - Reading and Writing about Alternate Worlds, hosted at Wake Forest University. This year she will return to Wake Forest University for a three-week course in Psychology. In this course, students will survey the realm of psychology and examine the field from its historical roots to current neuroscientific discoveries being made by researchers worldwide. They will discuss a wide range of topics, including the human brain, sense and perception, consciousness, learning, memory, cognition, emotions, personality, intelligence, creativity, abnormalities, and mental health, as well as participate in group activities, classroom discussions, debates, mini-experiments, and projects.
Additionally, when Ciara returns from Wake Forest, she will spend a week of day camp at Carnegie Mellon University at the Summer Engineering Experience for Girls (SEE) program. SEE is a program for students entering 8th or 9th grade. Student applications require a teacher recommendation, a copy of the latest report card and a one-page essay.
At CMU’s SEE program, students learn how to make a difference as future engineers. They learn about different forms of energy and how to create alternative and environmentally-friendly sources of energy that protect the environment. They will also have the opportunity to explore how they personally would like to make a difference working with energy. Students will have the chance to work with engineers from all different areas in engineering, including chemical, civil, environmental, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.