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Cornell Student Selected for Prestigious Program at Johns Hopkins University

Anderson Bando, a 2018-19 eighth-grade student qualified for and will attend the Johns Hopkins University - Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Intensive Studies Program. CTY’s Intensive Studies is designed for students who are ready for intense, college-level course work and accelerated study in specific disciplines. These three-week courses engage students in the same amount of material that would normally be covered in a semester-long college course or a year-long high-school course. CTY’s Intensive Studies courses fall into two categories: special topics courses that are not offered in high school and fast-paced high school courses. Students who thrive within such a focused setting strengthen their critical and analytical thinking skills and have the opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in their chosen fields of study. Students must qualify to attend the program by excelling in Math or Reading as scored by national standardized testing such as the SAT or ACT. Anderson qualified as a high Math achiever on the SAT exam he took last December.
Anderson will spend three weeks in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at Franklin and Marshall College taking a course in Astrophysics. Students in this course will explore the structure of the universe by first learning about scale and distances of important astronomical objects such as planets, stars, and galaxies, focusing on stellar evolution. They will study the birth, life, and death of stars by examining the inner workings of stars and properties such as size, temperature, color, and luminosity. They will also consider how objects such as neutron stars and black holes are formed. Additionally, they will investigate galaxies, including the Milky Way, comparing their shapes, compositions, and rotational speeds, and calculate distances to other galaxies using Hubble’s Law. Lastly, students will explore topics in modern cosmology, such as the Big Bang and inflationary universe hypotheses, and consider the ultimate fate of the universe.